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    Structural Designer, Buildings + Places

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Job Information

AECOM Brakeman/Switcher in Fort Campbell, Kentucky

United States of America - Kentucky, Fort Campbell

Job Summary

Purpose and Scope:

The Braker\Switcher performs individual switching, signaling, flagging, coupling, uncoupling, brake setting, observing, and safety tasks involved in the movement of locomotives, trains, and train cars under a variety of size, load, weather, and track conditions.


  • Uses thorough knowledge of the layout of the installation track system and numerous safety and operational track use requirements and procedures.

  • Maintain constant watch over assigned area and equipment, checking continually for operating hazards, malfunctioning or defective equipment, or track obstructions, and when problems arise informs the engineer, through signals or other means.

  • Gives, passes, and responds to signals and instructions in both routine and emergency situations.

  • Receives general directions from the engineer regarding the move to be made or the task to be done, and performs the tasks necessary to carry out the work with a minimum of further instructions.

  • Receives general instructions from the supervisor regarding the move to be made or he is to perform.

  • Incumbent is required to know and follow numerous standard safety, signaling, and train movement procedures, and to respond to the signals of the locomotive engineer.

  • Constantly alert to help avoid, or take appropriate actions for, track obstructions, track defects, train derailment, malfunctioning or defective equipment (e.g., hot boxes, locked wheels or defective air brake hoses), unscheduled track vehicles, unsealed cars, improperly marked cars, and other operating dangers.

  • Extremely alert to present conditions, particularly when visibility is poor, track is slippery, cargo is hazardous or not fully secure, or clearances are tight.

  • Independently signal, judge distances, judge extent of danger, and perform these and other tasks in stress situations, such as when anticipating a collision or detecting a derailment or track obstruction during operation.

  • Keep pace with the train crew, and work effectively as part of a team.

  • Know and use a variety of standard procedures for setting out, transferring and picking up individual cars and groups of cars.

  • Know procedures, such as rear and front end shoving, how to move or place a car in a specific section or order in the train or set out area by uncoupling, controlling brakes, shunting, etc.

  • Know how and when to set, release, and control car brakes, attach and release air brake hoses, close air line angle cock, and place and remove chocks.

  • Identify a wide variety of cars, such as various flat, tank, and box cars.

  • Use this knowledge, along with signaling and observing ability and skill, in estimating stopping and braking time or distance.

  • Maintain a constant check for variety of common track and train operating conditions which can cause train breakdown, derailment, damage to cargo, operating failure or which could lead to other accidents.

  • Detect defective switches, misaligned tracks, presence of track maintenance crews and vehicles, insecure cargo, and similar conditions.

  • Look for unusual smoke, flame, or hot boxes; locked wheels; flat wheels; defective couplers and air hoses, derailed cars, and similar defective equipment.

  • Help the engineer check the operation of the sander and brakes by observing their operation.

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Applies knowledge of the layout of the Fort Campbell, KY track system encompassing approximately 40 miles of track, both on and off the installation, with numerous pick up and set out points (sidings, loading ramps, warehouses), crossovers, curves, busy grade crossings without protective gates, car storage areas, and switching points.

  • Must have knowledge of whether the track switches are properly set as the train approaches them, how to change those which are not, and how to reset them after the train passes or a car is set out or picked up.

  • Must know how and when to get on and off standing or moving trains; and how, when, and where to signal and flag.

  • Must have knowledge of the approximate location of shops, warehouses and storage areas, sidings, etc., and the usual track routes and switch setting and leaving these areas.

  • Must possess knowledge of the operating characteristics of the locomotives when pulling a variety of types and sizes of cars and cargo under various weather conditions, visual conditions, and track conditions.

  • Must apply skill in judging braking and stopping distances (e.g., in connection with coupling) in order to give signals in time for the engineer to react properly.

  • Must have knowledge of proper signaling codes (i.e., sound, sign, hand, light, fuse, torpedo, switch, color, and lantern signals) for both normal and emergency conditions.

  • Must select and use the proper techniques for signaling such as arms and hands, lanterns, lights, or flags; the various signal codes.

These signals include, for example, those for the train to move forward, move backward, apply brakes, increase or decrease speed, and come to an immediate (emergency) stop; signals to ask the engineer for information, to warn motorists or pedestrians, and to alert others to accidents; and signals which indicate direction of train movement, presence of work crews or obstacles ahead, and defective running gear.

Perform all other position related duties as assigned or requested.

Other Responsibilities:

Safety - AECOM enforces a safety culture whereby all employees have the responsibility for continuously developing and maintaining a safe work environment. As appropriate, each employee is responsible for completing all training requirements and fulfilling all self-aid/buddy aid responsibilities, participating in emergency response tasks and serving on safety committees and teams.

Quality - Quality is the foundation for the management of our business and the keystone to our goal of customer satisfaction. It is our policy to consistently provide services that meet customer expectations. Accordingly, each employee must conform to the AECOM Quality Policy and carry out job activities in compliance with applicable AECOM Quality System documents and customer contracts. Each employee must read and understand his/her Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction responsibilities.

Procedure Compliance - Each employee must read, understand and implement the general and specific operational, safety, quality and environmental requirements of all plans, procedures and policies pertaining to his/her job.

Minimum Requirements

Experience and Education:

  • A minimum of 1 year experience as Braker-Switcher.

  • Must have high school diploma or equivalent.

  • Certification documenting a minimum of 500 hours of On-The-Job Training.

  • Must possess excellent communications skills.

  • Position may require the ability to pass and maintain a U.S. Government security clearance.

  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a Common Access Card (CAC) or Rapid Gate Pass if required.

  • Must pass a pre-employment drug screen and a government background check.

  • Must be able to speak, read, write and understand English.

  • Must be a U. S. citizen.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment:

  • Considerable physical agility and effort is used in pushing, pulling, lifting, positioning and turning various braking, switching, and coupling devices (e.g., draw bars); walking over rails and ties to perform tasks; and climbing aboard locomotives and train cars, sometimes while they are moving or have slippery steps, rungs, and grab irons.

  • Must be able to lift and carry items weighing 50 pounds or put forth similar effort in pushing and removing obstacles from the railway.

  • Work is performed under adverse conditions in both good and bad weather. Exposure is frequently under conditions such as:

  • Loud noise from the operating train, train whistle, and horn;

  • Fumes and odors, such as those from diesel exhaust and creosote;

  • Possible injury from accidental slipping and falling while working and walking over ties, railway slopes, rails, and while boarding, walking upon, and getting off both standing and moving trains.

  • Possible injury from coupling and uncoupling devices and air brake hoses.

  • Possible injury from motor vehicles or railway vehicles, and from train derailment or other accidents.

  • Protective clothing, such as safety shoes and gloves must be worn.

  • Must follow numerous safety procedures and requirements to offset some adverse conditions and avoid accidents or injury.

Preferred Qualifications


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Job Category Maintenance

Business Line Management Services

Business Group Management Services Group (MS)

Country United States of America

Position Status Full-Time

Requisition/Vacancy No. 228574BR

Clearance Required No

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