AECOM Project Architect, Beijing in Beijing, China

Business Line Architecture

Position Title Project Architect, Beijing

China - Beijing Municipality


Job Summary

Responsible for the construction management of architecture design; subject to the arrangement of department manager in cooperating with chief designer to lead architectural designer and coordinate with other design personnel to complete every stage of construction design and service work except scheme design, including preliminary design, design of construction drawing and construction drawing disclosure, construction site service, etc.


  • Responsible for construction management, such as formulating project schedule; after getting the department manager’s related approval, should ensure the project is implemented as scheduled;

  • Assist chief designer in organizing design team to promote and complete the construction drawing design;

  • Conduct junior designers’ design and drawing work to guarantee the quality of project drawings;

  • Complete the general drawings, design drawings of basement and rough structure nod, etc in construction drawings independently;

  • Responsible for compiling the presentation documents at different stages;

  • Assist client in project setup and take responsible for the communication and coordination work between the client and government executive department

  • 项目建筑设计师(施工图) 负责项目中建筑专业管理工作,同时应在部门经理的安排下,配合主创设计师,带领建筑设计人员及协调其它专业的设计人员完成项目除方案设计阶段外的各阶段建筑设计和服务工作,包括初步设计、施工图、施工图设计交底、以及工地施工现场服务等工作。 工作职责:

  • 负责项目中建筑专业管理工作,如编制项目进度,经部门经理审核确认后应保证项目按计划执行;

  • 协助主创设计师,组织设计团队深化和完成项目施工图设计任务;

  • 指导基层的设计与绘图能力,保证项目出图质量;

  • 应亲自完成项目施工图中的总图、地下室、构造节点大样等复杂设计中的部分设计图纸;

  • 组织项目的阶段性汇报和资料整理;

  • 协助业主项目报建工作,且承担在项目报建过程中与政府职能部门及业主的沟通工作。

Minimum Requirements


  • Bachelor degree or above in architecture or related majors;

  • At least 5 years’ working experience in large Class-A design institute or company construction drawing design; construction drawing design experience of at least two of the following projects: Residential, office, hotel, public building, etc;

  • Design experience of any of the following types:

  1. Basement construction drawing (except civil air defense ),

  2. Master planning of construction drawing,

  • Be familiar with the contents, procedures of construction drawing design and their requirements for design promotion;

  • Capable of dealing with some common problems occurred in construction site independently;

  • Good communication skills, liaise with department manager, project manager and other discipline personnel;

  • Proficient in Microsoft office and related design software, such as Tianzheng, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Sketch Up, In Design, etc;

  • CET-4, good command of English listening, speaking, reading and writing;

  • High sense of responsibility and good team work spirit; strong organizing and cooperating ability.

职位 要求:

  • 建筑学及相关专业本科以上学历;

  • 5年以上大型甲级设计院或公司建筑施工图设计的经验,需具备住宅、办公、酒店、商业、及公建等五大类项目中两类以上的施工图设计经验;

  • 具有以下任意一种类型的设计经验:

  • 熟悉施工图设计的内容、流程、及其设计成果的深度要求;

  • 具有独立处理一般性施工现场问题的能力;

  • 具有较好的沟通能力,胜任与项目中其它专业及与部门经理、项目经理等各方面的沟通联系工作;

  • 熟练操作天正建筑、AutoCAD、Photoshop、Sketch Up、InDesign、Microsoft office等相关设计软件;

  • 大学英语四级以上,良好的英语听说读写能力;

  • 具有较强的责任心、组织协调能力和团队协作精神。

Preferred Qualifications

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Job Category Architecture and Design

Country China

Position Status Full-Time

Requisition/Vacancy No. 158921BR